6 steps to secure your WordPress website absolutely free

6 Steps to secure your WordPress website 100% free

Hello guys and welcome to Thenewsmania. In today's article. I am going to tell you how to secure a WordPress website free. If you are a beginner in this field in that case you have to understand how important means is in today’s world to secure a website.


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6 Steps to secure your WordPress website 100% free

So if you guys are thinking that in today’s world your website is totally secure without any security software, in that case, you are wrong, and believe me, guys that if you are starting a website in WordPress and you are a beginner and thinks that your website is fully secure than you are wrong.

There are many advantages and disadvantages of this internet the main advantage of this it allows you to learn by building a WordPress website, but there are many hackers that are looking for your website.

How would you feel if your website goes hacked by hackers?

Nobody wants that his or her website to get hacked, so if you want to secure your WordPress website from hackers that I have some tips which help you to secure your website from hackers without any investment. So let’s start it.

Steps to secure WordPress website blog 100% free

    1. Update WordPress to the latest version – You need to keep yourself up-to-date and also the platform that you use. After every update in WordPress, it brings more security to secure your website. The main reason for the update is that after every new update the WordPress stop working or improving the old version and this provides hackers an easy prey to hacking a website that works on an old version of WordPress.

6 Steps to secure your WordPress website 100% free

So please update the WordPress to its latest version. For this you have two options one is that you automatically give permission to WordPress to auto-update, and the second one is doing this manually. In this process, you receive a notification and after that, you have to manually update the WordPress.

    2. Remove unused plugins and update the rest – Another step to secure a WordPress website is to remove your unused plugins and update the rest. This is the best way to protect your website. Unwanted plugins make your website performance slow and bring malware if you didn’t update them to the latest version.

So if you want to secure your website always used only plugins that help you and uninstall or delete unnecessary plugins. This helps you to secure your website in WordPress.

And also install plugins from legitimate sources. Don’t go for any free plugins or download them from any un-trusted website. So always be sure that the plugins you used are purchased from an authentic website.

6 Steps to secure your WordPress website 100% free

If you install a plugin from any un-trusted website, or you go for a free version. The hacker can use that plugin to hack your website from that plugin. The hacker puts malware or places any coding in that plugin which allows him to enter or hack any WordPress blog. So please make sure that plugins must be from a legitimate source. And always go to a genuine plugin from a legitimate or genuine source to avoid GPL plugins or free plugins.

    3. Minimize user Permissions and secure login – Try to give minimum permission on your website. Example – In a website there are several options like to add users, subscribers s and admins. So try to make fewer users on your website.

Users are those people who work on your website. Try not to distribute user rights to unknown persons or un-trusty persons. Always make a limit for this and give the user rights to only trustworthy people.

It might be possible that one of your user’s laptops is not secure and the hacker gets the advantage of this situation. It might be unintentional from that user but it gives hackers the upper hand to hack your WordPress website.

And the most important in this is always to keep’s track of your website users so that you keep yourself up to date with this.

    4. Disable PHP execution in untrusted folders – In this way, you have to go to the C Panel of the WordPress website and in that, you have to open the file manager. Here you will find PHP execution folders. You have to check all that folders and by doing this you will find whether any folder is un-trusted or it contains something fishy in it that might not be created by you, so try to find those folders that are unnecessarily created in the PHP folder.

This is a technical process but you have to do it to secure your WordPress website. After opening PHP execution you will find it easy to do and doing this will secure your website and gives you details of all your PHP folders. From here you can see which are trusty folders and those that contain malware or spam.

After finding that folder simply disables that folder so that it secures your WordPress website.

    5. Disable PHP error display – Always keep Off PHP error. Sometimes you get an error in your WordPress website and while solving that particular error many people unintentionally make several settings that bring a loophole in their website.

Doing unnecessary changes destroy the basics structure of your WordPress website and this will be helpful for a hacker to hack a website. So always disable PHP error display and if you didn’t disable it then please solve only the error or issue don’t make any unnecessary changes that affect the basic structure of your WordPress website.

    6. Disable theme and plugins editing – Always disable the Theme and Plugins editor. Themes and plugins are the two easy ways for every hacker to enter any WordPress website and to hack it.

If any hacker gets the rights to your theme and plugins software then it will be very easy for a hacker to hack a website.So please make sure to disable or off the theme and plugins options in your WordPress website.

So, guys, these are the best 6 ways to secure a WordPress website 100% free. For more useful information stay updated with us.

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